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Introducing 3 NEW ANNAHEID PRESETS!! These presets are inspired by film and calm vibes. These presets look great from beach pictures to your upcoming fall and tailgate pictures. I wanted to make some presets that do not enhance too much orange. I hope you love the calm and cool vibes these presets bring your amazing photos! 

I have been asked multiple times when I am releasing a new pack. Thanks to you guys, the first pack was an incredible success! So I am very thankful and excited I can share this new pack with you guys. I hope you like it just as much, if not more, than the first. It's for sure my fav. 

Take your awesome photos to the next level! Presets are all anyone can talk about and are used by all the top Instagrammers. I receive tons of direct messages a day asking what I use to edit my photos. I respond to as many as I can, but it is hard. I have decided to make and sell my very own preset! If you support me and purchasing my product, I will be so grateful and hopefully, you will love them as much as I do!

You don't even need the paid version of Lightroom, this preset can be used and adjusted on the free Lightroom CC app! This preset is ideal for any type of photo whether it's professional or on an iPhone. I would recommend using this preset on daylight pictures for the best results.

Now, you must understand not every preset looks perfect on every picture right away. If you are used to presets, you know it may take some adjusting. I normally adjust the exposure, contrast, temperature, and sometimes color for the best results! This preset is perfect for beginners who want a feed like mine and want to start somewhere. I will most likely be making a youtube video on tips for how to edit with my presets to the best of your abilities.

Your purchase includes 3 files: 3 dng files including the presets "SKY", "VIBES", and "HONEY". (The photos you see above that I have used as an example is my preset BEFORE ANY adjusting!)

Download Instructions!!!!:

Once you have purchased my presets you will be given the option to download the files right there or you will get a link to download them into your spam email. Once you have the presets downloaded, open up the folder and you should see my images. Save this images to your camera roll. Once you open your camera roll, you will see GREY images, DONT WORRY you are doing it right. Open up the Lightroom app and insert the grey images into Lightroom (this should come out as the image I made with the presets).To use my presets, all you have to do is click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner, hit create preset, name it whatever you like, and start editing! To use your new presets go to the image you are editing, hit presets, and it should be there!

DISCLAIMER: All sales are final. There is no way for Digital Products to be returned; no refunds are available.

If you have any questions/concerns with your purchase, DM me on Instagram @ annaheid ! Tag your pictures to #ANNAHEIDPRESETS so I can see and possibly repost:)

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